The natural high quality of our vembu-neem-products comes from healthy soils, plants, animals and farms, clean water and a broad biodiversity. Our agricultural experts and happy farmers are passionate about cultivation, producing a harvest that is pampered to perfection. We believe that happy & healthy karma directly affects the quality of our vembu-neem-products and we act in accordance with these principles and want to shape the future in the same way.

The raw ingredients we cultivate and process undergo stringent quality and sustainability checks, at every stage of the production path.

At Vembu, we ensure that our processes are in complete harmony with man and nature. We apply strict controls in our own production and by external laboratories, specializing in purity testing to ensure the highest quality. In our own production laboratory, among other things, raw ingredients receiving controls, sensory analyses and chemical-physical investigations. The external laboratories ensure additional independent controls and testing, e.g. residues of pesticides.