Over the years, systematic investigation into the neem tree has resulted in its utilization for pesticidal, medical, healthcare and cosmetic industries all over the world.


Neem is an effective natural alternative of chemical pesticides that is used to control the ecto parasites and the different fungal diseases affecting animals and birds. Neem not only incapacitates the parasites, but also prevents the secondary infection of fungus and bacteria. Neem is the choice of animal keepers who want to protect their animals as well their surroundings against the effects of chemical pesticides. It is significant that some of fungal infections such as the ringworms that are resistant to conventional pesticides are effectively cured by neem.

Neem leaves and oil are still utilized with confidence for curing the foot and mouth diseases in cattle. In poultry, the bark is used to treat wounds, diarrhea, ticks and lice. Neem cakes have wormicidal activity and can be used as an excellent poultry feed. The leaves are used to treat abscesses and also applied after castration. They are also effective against bleeding, udder infections, fever, foot rot and lice in ruminants. The seeds are used for the treatment of ticks in ruminants and the bark, seeds, leaves and roots are used as an insect repellent.

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