Over the years, systematic investigation into the neem tree has resulted in its utilization for pesticidal, medical, healthcare and cosmetic industries all over the world.


An organic fertilizer. A healthy pest-management alternative. A soil fertility specialist. All rolled into one magnanimous ingredient- Neem.

Neem cake is a cheap, useful and a 100% organic fertilizer. The plant debris is potential source of organic manure. Neem cake coated with urea has been produced, which when used increases nitrogen assimilation compared to untreated urea. Neem leaves could be used as a source for the preparation of vermi-compost having both fertilizer and pesticidal potential The side effects of the synthetic pesticides are more serious than problems themselves. Neem based pesticides, fungicides and insecticides are found to be much safer in this regard. Today, neem has gained importance internationally as all communities have inclined towards green technology. Neem vembu-neem-products have no ill effects on humans and animals and have no residual effect on agricultural produce. This makes neem the best, reliable substitute to hazardous pesticides.

Neem is also known to increase soil fertility and water holding capacity. Neem cakes stimulate algal growth by suppressing the grazers particularly Ostracods. Mixing neem cakes with urea fertilizer improves efficiency of fertilizer utilization in crop production by gradual release of nitrogen to crops.

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