Over the years, systematic investigation into the neem tree has resulted in its utilization for pesticidal, medical, healthcare and cosmetic industries all over the world.


In India, neem has been used for centuries to provide head- to- toe health cover for humans. All parts of the plant, as well as the gum and oil, are effective against worms, wounds in the mouth, glossitis, E. coli, bacillosis, swelling of the liver, jaundice, bloody dysentery and intestinal wounds. Neem extract is also used for constipation, indigestion, respiratory and throat disorders, asthma, pleuropneumonia and swelling of the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract and lungs.

It is also popular for skin disorders including ringworm, alopecia, eczema, urticaria, scabies, ticks and lice. Neem extracts are effective anti malaria agents, particularly on extremely resistant strains. Furthermore, neem barks and leaves posses strong antiseptic property warranting use as active ingredient in tooth paste. Several herbalists opine that neem vembu-neem-products have broad spectral chemotherapeutic effect on the flat, tape and round worms.

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