For centuries, humans have relied solely on naturally-derived products and have successfully created sustainable, healthy ecosystems. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution and a massive surge in population, our natural ways have taken a backseat to artificially manufactured products. We at Vembu believe that the time has come again to go back to our roots and live in tandem with Mother Nature.

Our range, which includes Neem, Panchagavya and other by-products, are 100% natural and undergo extreme scrutiny in terms of quality. We aim to build a fully sustainable ecosystem which promotes healthy, natural and clean living, both for individuals as well as the environment at large. Right from production, distribution to marketing, we are inspired by social health and wellness.

Our sole purpose is to bring purity back to the field of Agriculture, Healthy Food Ingredients, Healthcare, Personal Care, Industry-Applications, Cosmetics, and Animal Husbandry.

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Cleanse. Purify. Heal. Protect.

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Our products come from the great neem tree and Moringa Tree. One of the most giving of all plants, the neem tree has the potential to benefit every person on the planet. Probably no other plant yields as many varied products or has as many miraculous by-products, including Moringa and others.

From its flower, leaf, fruit, seeds, oil, roots, and bark, the neem tree can nourish and replenish every aspect of our being. Whether it’s the medical uses or industry-applications, there are hundreds and thousands of ways that neem can transform each and every life.

Purity is Our Priority

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Thanks to the great wealth of expertise of our R&D Team and our vast experience in the bio agriculture, we have developed a unique extraction process that maintains the greatest possible naturalness of the precious raw ingredients using gentle production processes.